Topic 13: The WoW race you just can’t stand


Welcome to topic 13 of Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge! Thanks to those who have liked and shared these posts. Remember, if you have a topic you would like to suggest as a challenge, please let us know!

We like to be positive most of the time, and our topics tend to show that. But this week, we thought we’d give people the chance to get some things off their chests with a least favourite.

This topic was suggested to us by one of our wonderful challengers, thebmatt from Your Quest Log Is Full. THANK YOU! The topic is…

The race you just can’t stand

Thebmatt asks:

“What races in World of Warcraft, playable or otherwise, can you just not stand?”

Is there a WoW race that you just don’t like? Do the undead make your skin crawl? Did the Klaxxi kinda creep you out? Do you wish humans would stop being so up themselves? Do you wish you could take a swim without a murloc mrglgrglgl-ing in your ear?!?!?! Let us know!

Write/talk about this topic, then don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment with a link to your blog so that we can add it to this post. Check out the About page for more info. And if you want some stuff to put on your post, go grab some pics from our Stuff! page.

We’ll post a new topic on 25th March.

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