Topic 35: Your most badass moment in game


Welcome to topic 35 of Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge! Thanks to those who have liked and shared these posts. Remember, if you have a topic you would like to suggest as a challenge, please let us know!

We have long been the heroes of our own stories in World of Warcraft. NPCs, both minor and major alike, remind us constantly that we are the saviours of Azeroth; that if it weren’t for us, the world would have ended if we hadn’t have defeated that boss, or killed that pest, or scooped up that poop. We are the stars.

For our latest topic, though, we want to talk about you, the player, and ask you:

When have you felt totally badass in game?

Did you kill a super hard boss that you’d been working on for a really long time? Did you have a near miss, and saved yourself from falling to your death? Was there an outfit your transmogged that made you feel super strong and powerful? Or did you do something for someone in game that made you feel great? Let us know! This topic is all about the things that make you feel good in game.

Write your post, then don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment with a link to your blog so that we can add it to this post. Check out the About page for more info. And if you want some stuff to put on your post, go grab some pics from our Stuff! page.

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10 thoughts on “Topic 35: Your most badass moment in game

  1. So few took up this challenge! I have time soon…I shall dive in. Shameless bumb for the rest of you guys, it would be so much fun to read 🙂


    1. Sorry this took me so long to add, Alunaria! Thanks so much for joining the challenge for this one 🙂
      As a healer I can totally relate to that almost god-like feeling of completely turning a dungeon around by doing all the right healings. Well done!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Huh, who are you!? 😀 ♥ Kidding! Np 🙂 All in good time. Wish more people had participated, fun to read about.


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