Z and Cinder have been WoW friends (and real friends!) for quite a few years now, and have both been blogging for even longer than that. Earlier in 2016 Z challenged Cinder to write about a shared topic – Favourite Legion NPC. And a tradition was born. Each week a topic would be chosen and we would both write about it.

Now, the challenge is being opened up to everyone!

We want to help encourage people to blog about what they love, and at the same time, help you find other blogs that you might like to read.

How does it work?

Each fortnight we will put up a new post with the challenge topic. The topic will be something WoW related (or every now and then, other Blizzard games-related!). Everyone will have the 2 weeks to write their posts, then we will add links to them all in our original post.

How do I get involved?

Super easy:

  1. Visit our site every second Saturday to see the new challenge topic
  2. Write a post on your blog based on the topic – make sure you link back to the topic post on our site!
  3. Put a comment on our topic post with a link back to your blog

That’s it! Once we have your link we’ll add it to the post so that other bloggers and readers can find you.

Can I suggest a topic?

YES! Please do! We encourage everyone (writers and readers) to submit topic suggestions to us. Just go to our contact page to send us your topic.

Do I have to write a blog post?

Nope! If you prefer to do vlogs or something else – even if you want to create an art piece based on the topic, please do!

Where did all the pretty pictures come from?

Z and Cinder’s chibis are by Sleeping Fox. Background image used for banner is from Freepik.

All other screenshots have been taken by Z or Cinder (unless otherwise stated).