Topic list

Here is a list of all of the topics we have done as part of the challenge. Click on each title to see what everyone wrote for each topic.

Topic 1: Favourite Legion quest
What is your favourite quest or quest chain so far in Legion?

Topic 2: How has WoW changed/impacted your life?
To celebrate WoW 12th birthday, let us know how WoW has impacted your life

Topic 3: Pugging
Suggested by Elgaric, he asks about your PuG experiences – good and bad

Topic 4: An Azeroth Holiday
If you could take a holiday anywhere in Azeroth, where would you go?

Topic 5: You as an NPC
If Blizzard named an in-game NPC after you, what would they be like? 

Topic 6: Underneath the Azeroth tree
What do you want for Winter Veil? Is there something you want in WoW (currently existing or not!)?

Topic 7: Your bucket list
What is on your gaming bucket list for 2017? 

Topic 8: If you couldn’t play your main anymore, what class would you be?
What class would you play if your current main was taken out of the game?

Topic 9: How do you explain gaming/raiding to your non-gamer friends and family?
How do you explain your hours in front of the computer playing games to those who might not “get it”?

Topic 10: Favourite World Quest
What’s your favourite World Quest in Legion so far and why?

Topic 11: Show off your alts!
Let’s see all your toons!

Topic 12: Design your own zone
What would it look like, and who lives there? What quests would it have? 

Topic 13: The WoW race you just can’t stand
Suggested by thebmatt, he wants to know which WoW race do you not like (playable or otherwise)

Topic 14: The funniest way you have died
Suggested by Ann, she wants to hear about the funniest ways you have died in WoW.

Topic 15: Why do you love WoW and what makes you keep coming back to it? 
Positive posts only! This topic is all about helping people feel the love for WoW, so let us know what it is about WoW that makes you keep playing it.

Topic 16: Which zone or area in WoW reminds you of your home?
Suggested by Syrco, we want to see which zones in WoW remind you of your home.

Topic 17: Best dressed
We want to see your best transmogs, and hear the story behind them. How did you come up with them? How long did it take you to farm the pieces? And just how often do you change your outfits?

Topic 18: The most random thing you’ve found
Is there something you’ve seen in WoW, or a NPC conversation you’ve overheard or even just an odd placed bit of scenery that just makes you stop and wonder?

Topic 19: Picking a character name
This topic was suggested to us by one of our wonderful challengers, thebmatt from Your Quest Log Is Full. THANK YOU! 

Topic 20: A day in the life of your toon…
Write about what you get up to in WoW each day, or maybe you would write it like a diary entry from the point of view of your character… it’s up to you!

Topic 21: What’s in your bag?
Suggested by Mr and Mrs WoW , we want to take a peak inside your bags. What are you hoarding?

Topic 22: Your WoW soundtrack…
Kamalia of Kamalia et alia  asked: What things in WoW always make you think of a particular piece of music? Show us a screenshot/s and share with us the music that it brings to mind.

Topic 23: Why do you blog about WoW?…
Everyone who has created a blog has done so for a reason. For all of you WoW bloggers out there, what was that reason?

Topic 20: Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay?
Tell us how you are finding the fantasy of the class and the world we live in. 

Topic 25: Who do you cheat on WoW with?
This fortnight we’re not talking about WoW…. Ann from AnninWonderland in Azeroth has asked us all to talk about what games you play when you don’t play WoW. 

Topic 26: Pet Parade!
Thebmatt from Your Quest Log Is Full has another topic suggestion. This time, we want to see pics of your favourite in game pets! 

Topic 27: How do you find the time?
How do you balance playing WoW with the real life commitments you have?

Topic 28: Blizzcon your way!
What would you have announced for the next expansion if you could do Blizzcon your way?

Topic 29: the 2017 wrap-up double challenge bonanza!
Two topics in one! We ask you to go back to your 2017 bucket list and see how you did, and then show off your year in pictures. 

Topic 30: 2018 bucket list
What do you want to accomplish in 2018?

Topic 31: What’s your favourite mount?
How did you get your favourite mount, and why do you love it?

Topic 32: Allied races
Are you playing any of the allied races? AND if you could add a new allied race to the game, which would it be? 

Topic 33: Build your own achievement
If you could add any achievement to the game, what would it be and how would people achieve it? 

Topic 34: What is your favourite pop culture reference or easter egg in the game?
World of Warcraft is jam packed full of pop culture references. We want to know about your favourites. 

Topic 35: Your most badass moment in game
It’s your time to show off and shine! We want to know about the time you felt most bad-ass in game.

Topic 36: Farewell to Legion
It’s a double topic in this one! Firstly, we asked you to take a look back and let us know your top 3 favourite moments in Legion. Secondly, we asked what you were most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth. 

Topic 37: First Impressions: Battle for Azeroth in Pictures
Battle for Azeroth is out!! Show us your first impressions.

Topic 38: How do you level in Battle for Azeroth
Everyone levels differently – tell us your journey to max level

Topic 39: What’s on your To-Do List for BfA?
What’s made it on to your to-do list for WoW’s latest expansion?

Topic 40: Getting to know you…
Hi! Please introduce yourself!