Topic 21: What’s in your bags?

Welcome to topic 21 of Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge! Thanks to those who have liked and shared these posts. Remember, if you have a topic you would like to suggest as a challenge, please let us know!

Our latest challenge is for you to show off your hoarding (or lack of) tendencies by revealing what’s in your bags!

This topic was suggested to us by the lovely Mr and Mrs WoW from the Mr and Mrs WoW blog.  THANK YOU! The topic is…

What’s in your bags and why?

Are you are hoarder of every scrap of material that comes across your path? Do you have the tidiest bags in Azeroth with nothing extraneous left to clutter your space? Let us take a peek inside and see your bags in all their glory!

No cheating or pre-organising allowed!

Write/talk about this topic, then don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment with a link to your blog so that we can add it to this post. Check out the About page for more info. And if you want some stuff to put on your post, go grab some pics from our Stuff! page.

We’ll post a new topic in a fortnight.

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37 thoughts on “Topic 21: What’s in your bags?

      1. Oh my gosh 😦 I am soo sorry. This was my post to update and I utterly failed at checking back 😦
        You did absolutely right.. zee was being so disorganised 😦
        Im answering on my phone in bed instead of sleeping (i can never sleep for ages after a raid night ) but when I’m at my pc tomorrow I’ll update with your post.


      2. Your comments are closed on your blog, so I’ll respond to your post here. Your bags look amazing, you have so much stuff but it still looks organised! Zees bags are back to being a pigsty and i ran out of bag space on my lock last night eek
        Your ‘can i mog it’ addon that shows if youve learnt the appearance – do you know if that works across class? I have a similar addon but if I’m on a mail toon for example and I pick up boe cloth it’ll often say I haven’t learnt the appearance but when I post it to a clothie I find I do know the appearance already. Its a little annoying.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a natural mistake 🙂 Same as people think ‘Vlad’ for ‘Vladimir’ (correct pairs would be Vlad/Vladislav and Vova/Vladimir).

        For my name Alexander russian correct short version is “Sasha” or “Sanya” 🙂 But let it be just Gnomecore )


    1. I like that you told us 🙂 I remember reading a fiction book set in Russia and one of the charactors was called Alexander but the author gave him the nickname of Shura, is that a proper shortened form or made up?


    1. Omg cinder is going to kill me when she sees all the evidence of my neglecting to update.
      So sorry 😦 also adding your post shortly to the main post in the morning.


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